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Join Us!


Thursday, August 8th, 2024


Mimi's Café

2800 W.  Chandler Blvd

Chandler, AZ 85224


11:30 am to 1 pm

Business Networking 11:30am -12pm

Bring plenty of business cards!!


Members Free

Lunch is separate

"The Power to Change Your Life"
Lori Thomas of Feng Shui 81

Lori Thomas .webp

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway") is a over three thousand year old practice of Chinese art of object placement for promoting balance, harmony and success!  Feng Shui will enhance auspicious energy flow to promote good health, success, harmonious relationships, prosperity, abundance and so much more.

Lori Thomas, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner/Instructor, has extensive training from the Feng Shui Institute of Physics and Energy. She began her training after experiencing some mishaps herself.  She noticed when she applied the Feng Shui principles the mishaps stopped and she was able to move forward in her life.  


Her passion is to help clients and she will teach us with the energy flow in our own home, identifying the  negative energies (i.e. forceful, sharp, etc.) and making corrections using plants, lights and water features to bring in a gentle flow.  When you have a gentle flow, it is easier to bring in more clients, harmonize relationships and boost abundance in one’s life.

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